April 7th

The first part of her name stands for her mommie. The last part of her name stands for her daddy but the last part of her name is just that R E A L. Loreal was a REAL living baby, a REAL little person & REAL little human.
I am here in BABY HEAVEN, where GOD took me by the hand, wrapped me in his love, gently lead me to his land. I will always be your baby, our hearts joined by love. Now a PERFECT little angel, I’m watching from above. I am a part of you, though brief the time we shared. Take comfort, be healed, I’m safe in loving care. Remember me with joy, lift a smile to the skies. Say a prayer for me, let there be no sad goodbyes. One day we’ll meet again, a lifetime I will wait. You will know the little angel with outstretched arms at Heaven’s gate.
HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY Loreal🎉🎈🎂 with every ounce of me to the very core of my soul i LOVE you & MISS you💔forever connected.

Photo Cred~Desiree Genera